Ashton A. Prince, DMD

Ashton Prince is one of many dentists in his family. His grandfather Dr. Alpine Prince practiced in St. George for a number of years before his passing. His father, Dr. Robert W. Prince, currently practices in the field of Orthodontics in St. George as well.

Dr. Prince completed his undergraduate training at Dixie State College and Southern Utah University prior to entering dental school at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. Upon completing his training, he was offered an Associate Professorship within the University to supervise and teach in the field of Restorative and Cosmetic Practices. Following a year of teaching and practicing in Las Vegas, he and his wife Dani selected to move back home to St. George to raise their children. They have four beautiful children, Abby, Chase, Mason and Ella.

Dr. Prince holds strongly to conservative practices and ethics and is very concerned that patients understand every option available to them when treatment does need to be rendered. In this manner, Dr. Prince believes the patient and the dental team have a very close hand-in-hand relationship in maintaining oral health. Dr. Prince is a founding member of the Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah that works to enhance the clinical expertise and training of Southern Utah’s dentists. He also works very closely with the Dixie State University Hygiene program and works as an Adjunct Faculty with ACT Dental in the field of Practice Management. He is also the editor of the “Best Practices Magazine” which strives to improve the dental field for not only dental offices but for patients in optimizing dental health and a better life.  To further his clinical skills, he has trained with numerous highly respected professionals in Cosmetic and General Dentistry and has worked with numerous patients in re-establishing a natural, beautiful smile after trauma, natural wear and darkening of the teeth. Dr. Prince is extremely confident in his dental team that consists of Hygienists, Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Orthodontists and Lab Technicians to help in giving you the most up to date care that current dentistry has to offer. If needed, and at your convenience, Dr. Prince would love to visit with you to answer any questions, discuss possible restorative options or simply help to maintain your current smile.